Officina: lighting lab.


Light is the magic which brings architecture to life. Lighting design, designing with light, is a creative act at the heart of interior design that will add atmosphere to your home. Discreet minimal lighting, works of art that fill the space while lighting it: the solutions of a Zinelli&Perizzi lighting design is influenced by the unique style your home space should have. Function combined with emotion will bathe your daily life in the atmosphere created through your choice of lighting.

Bright ideas:
create magic in your home with us.

Every design comes to life through lighting: technical, emotional, decorative, functional.
Together we can create the atmosphere of your daily life.

Light: the fourth dimension of your home.

Lighting design represents a story of innovation and research. Technical and functional or decorative and atmospheric: the Zinelli&Perizzi consultants will help you choose the right lighting for every home project, creating the character of your daily life.

We share the same dream:
make it come true with us.
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to the splendid Piazza Unità.
Visit us, and bring your designer or architect along; we can work together to make your dreams come true.
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