Porro Flou

Officina by Night: keeping it in the bedroom.

You’re not dreaming: it’s a bedroom tailored to you. Zinelli&Perizzi give form and expression to a new bedroom concept: a new space where Porro wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes are combined with the design of the Flou bed and nearly a century of experience in upholstery thanks to Zinelli&Perizzi.

A dream bedroom: Porro wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes and Flou beds.

Enter the Porro and Flou space designed as an authentic bedroom and fall in love with its functional solutions, sophisticated fabrics, and the appeal of its refined finishes, for a dreamy bedroom experience.

Wardrobes and Walk-in Wardrobes:
the night comes alive with content.

Designing storage for the bedroom is an art that will bring functionality and aesthetics to your home. Zinelli&Perizzi opts for the distinctive style of Porro for the wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes to create spaces to enjoy. Finishes of superior elegance and solutions focused on practicality transform the concept of the walk-in wardrobe, bringing new design content to your bedroom.

One of the leading brands in furnishing due to the sophistication of its finishes, the refinement of its lines and the technical quality of its details, Porro celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2020.

Bedroom storage
for irresistible appeal.

We give form and expression to a new wardrobe concept, innovating the dressing space. This system offers the versatility of unlimited arrangements, seamlessly integrated with the space, built around the individual and their requirements.

Get creative in bed.

Flou’s extensive experience in bed design and Zinelli&Perizzi’s century of experience in upholstery are combined in OFFICINA to offer new customisation options for your bedroom. The design of the bedroom and the bed itself is enhanced with tactile textures and appealing colours for unique and luxurious solutions. Customised, coordinating textiles for bed, drapery and carpets to embrace your dreams: what are your plans for the night?

The unique appeal
of Flou beds.

The bed is the bedroom’s key element, a versatile piece of furniture which can be personalised through textiles to fully express your own style.

We share the same dream:
make it come true with us.
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