Living. In a dream.


The living space is more than “just a kitchen”: when creativity is pushed to the limits of art and culture, the leading names in contemporary furniture complete and enhance any interior design project.
A place of ideas, where design, art and the culture of living are blended to express a new concept of home living today. An appealing world of refinement and taste, arranged according to original solutions through the deep design culture of Zinelli&Perizzi.
For a home that always reflects your style and represents your personal taste, Zinelli&Perizzi select and work with prestigious brands for the living space, always while focusing on the evolving concept of home living itself.


A century of the culture of living, a blend of art and furniture.
Enter the temple of design in Trieste.

The temple of design

A temple of furniture and of the leading Italian and international design firms, selected with elegance, passion and originality.
But above all, with a century of experience, a hallmark of the Zinelli&Perizzi brand’s art and design.

We share the same dream:
make it come true with us.
Come and see us in the centre of Trieste
a stone’s throw from the sea, next
to the splendid Piazza Unità.
Visit us, and bring your designer or architect along; we can work together to make your dreams come true.
Opening hours: From Tuesday to Saturday
10.00 - 13.00 / 15.00 - 19.30
Tell us about your dream home
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