La storia


It is 1927 when the Saturnia sailed from Trieste, the largest and most luxurious ship in the world: where the interiors came alive with the craftsmanship of Giovanni Perizzi, highly esteemed interior decorator of Trieste. And it is 1945 when, from the experience of the prestigious artisan workshop of his father, Nino and Tullio Perizzi inaugurate the first furniture store in viale XX Settembre in Trieste, together with Rubelli, the famous Venetian textiles brand.


1959: launch of the new prestigious headquarters in Via San Nicolò under the banner Zinelli & Perizzi, where the Venetian Zinelli brings a reputation of excellence in fabrics.
In 1963 came the new Perizzi laboratory in viale D'Annunzio: upholstery and furniture specialized in offering new horizons to the great age of "turnkey" furniture of large prestigious vessels such as Raphael and Galileo, in collaboration with a famous architect, Mr. Pulitzer.


1970s: Zinelli & Perizzi give their signature to the major hotels of the Ciga Hotels chain (of which includes The Excelsior in via Veneto, Rome), The Hotel Gritti and The Hotel Danieli in Venice.
This is the era of major projects and major collaborations between prestigious architects.

These are years of cultural evolution and commercial expansion. And later comes the birth of the 'Spazio Cucine' (Kitchen Space) in 1968, and in 1973, the third floor exhibition of via San Nicolò is inaugurated.


The Zinelli & Perizzi signature of the 1980s is the prestige of Italian high-society: from Cortina to the Sardinian Emerald Coast, the doors of the most beautiful houses of Italy open to allow the elegance and design culture to enter that reflects each and every Zinelli & Perizzi project.

In 1982, the upholstery workshop in Viale D'Annunzio moves to its current site of the Industrial Zone where it finds new space for new ideas.


In 1993, the collaboration with Fincantieri recalls the era of the great ships: Crown Princess, Star Princess, the Disney fleet...

The 1990s mark the sad death of Nino Perizzi, who passed away in 1995. Nino's brother Tullio is at once surrounded by the affection and professionalism of a team that work together as a family and are intent on dedicating to the memory of Nino their utmost professional commitment.


The new millennium saw the strengthening of the Marine Division and Hotel Division, focused on the interiors of boats and yachts as well as the hotel contract sector. In 2009, the new SPAZIOCAVANA showroom opened – a temple of design located in the prestigious old Cavana quarter of Trieste. Then SPAZIOCABOTO opened in 2013. This store dedicated to a young, smart home is located in a strategic position in Via Caboto. In 2015, Zinelli & Perizzi opened SPAZIOPICCOLO, an exclusive showroom located among the Sistiana cliffs in the prestigious Portopiccolo resort.

After Tullio Perizzi’s passing in 2011,
the Zinelli & Perizzi team has continued on with a renewed spirit of innovation.
This quality brand, which marked its 90th anniversary in 2017 and
is part of the history of interior design in Trieste, is always looking to future challenges.


"SMOKING SALON" - motor vessel Saturnia: some parts of furnishing made by Giovanni Perizzi upholsterer/decorator